Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook Math
is published!


“Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook Math”
is published !

In Spring 2019, Z-kai Inc. published “Z-kai Zoom-Up Workbook Math” series in the United States. The series is based on the Common Core State Standards.
“Zoom-Up Workbook” Japanese Edition is used by top 20% of students in Japan.


In global tests of academic performance (OECD PISA Test), Japan frequently scores in the top five in mathematics. By comparison, the United States scored 38th in the 2015 test.

Japanese Math is known for the basis of Singaporean Math, where Japanese Math helps:

Develop problem-solving skills

Develop problem-solving skills

Cultivate abilities to think mathematically

Cultivate abilities to think mathematically

Encourage tackling challenging problems by applying existing knowledge

Encourage tackling challenging problems by applying existing knowledge

Stimulate mathematical and intellectual curiosity

Stimulate mathematical and intellectual curiosity

Z-kai’s math contents and curriculum have all of these components.

Z-kai offers educational services in Japan from its inception in 1931, particularly focused on developing challenging material for advanced and gifted preK-12 students. Through experiences educating more than 200,000 Japanese students each year, Z-kai has learned that it is better for students to solve a limited number of well-thought-out problems rather than numerous less-challenging ones. In this way, students’ mathematical knowledge, thinking skills, and processing are maximized and made more flexible.

Zoom-Up Workbook Math Grade5

Price: $28
Digital version: $26

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Zoom-Up Workbook Math Grade4

Price: $28
Digital version: $26

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* Workbooks for lower grades will be published momentarily.

Zoom-Up Series Value Proposition

Z-kai’s Zoom-Up Workbook is tailored to develop students’ mathematical thinking, problem solving, and explanation skills that are necessary for their future success in STEM. Zoom-Up Workbooks contain many problems that challenge students, because the problem solving requires them to apply mathematical concepts and develop skills that are uncommon to the mathematics curricula and instruction of most schools and classrooms.

This series was developed to reflect or surpass grade-specific Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M, 2010). The application of mathematical reasoning, problem solving, and explaining mathematics provides multiple opportunities for students to apply the CCSS-M Standards for Mathematical Content and Practice.

This Zoom-Up Workbook contains 45 challenging problem sets that have been carefully selected to optimize students’ understanding and perseverance. Given a limited number of total problems, the focus is on depth of understanding rather than breadth of completion. Solving challenging tasks will help students develop confidence and motivation.

Challenge with well-designed story problems

The stories are designed to be close to students’ daily lives. Students will be able to find delight in utilizing math in the real world. The story problems challenge students to read carefully and make sense of situations, which helps them improve their reading compression skills and their ability to express what they understand.

Develop a strong foundation for algebra and geometry

Well-structured math problems in this workbook develop an important foundation for algebra and geometry in middle school and beyond. Students learn to use properties to explore effective, efficient, and accurate calculation strategies. Geometry problems challenge students to develop visual-spatial reasoning and apply calculation strategies.

Sample problems (Grade5)

  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 ​problem 9
  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 answer 9
  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 ​problem 13
  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 answer 13
  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 ​problem 33
  • ZoomUpMath Grade5 Answer 33

Please contact us if you would like more samples.


Typical use cases

・Problem of the day/week
・Rich high cognitive demand problems
・Small groups, differentiated groups
・Individually-assigned or homework tasks
・Cross-grade problems




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